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Harmonic Brass Quintet

Since 1991, Harmonic Brass of Munich has been renowned for its big, elegant brass sound. The four gentlemen and a charming lady are welcomed and feel at home everywhere in the world including New York Carnegie Hall, Seoul Arts Center, Leipzig Gewandhaus. Harmonic Brass travels around the globe playing around one-hundred twenty concerts a year with changing programs. An ensemble that spreads good humor, meticulous filing at their performance combined with baroque joie de vivre, and serious musical work alternating with giggling boyishness.


Five individuals, who couldn’t be more different, melt to a unity on stage that is rarely duplicated. Harmonic Brass is supported by an incredibly large number of fans. For the Goethe Institute, Harmonic Brass has been a cultural ambassador around the world since 2000. The ensemble also holds numerous international workshops. Harmonic Brass concert attendees know what the Süddeutsche Zeitung (Munich daily newspaper) means when writing about the ensemble: “… with its glamorous-virtuous way of performing, it is one of the best of its kind worldwide.”


The Harmonic Brass repertoire includes classical masterpieces and their own arrangements and compositions and modern music from around the world. They perform brass music of various styles and eras. Harmonic Brass concerts are accompanied by charming and humorous announcements between selections by member Andreas Binder. He is the French horn player of the group and a most wonderful host. Harmonic Brass takes the audience by the hand and leads them away from their daily routines into a world of music and joy.

Harmonic Brass has performed as an ensemble for more than twenty years, touring all over Europe, Japan, South Korea, the USA, South-America, the middle and the far East, Canada, Namibia and South Africa. They have recorded over thirty-five different CDs and with their publishing house & label Brass Works Munich, they offer arrangements and compositions for brass ensembles.

In addition to their concerts, Harmonic Brass members are sought after as teachers for workshops and clinics around the globe.

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