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Massimo Delle Case

Massimo Delle Cese, a figure of reference for the guitar with concert activity in over 20 countries, is routinely invited to international festivals around the world.  His recordings receive extraordinary international critical acclaim. His world premiere recording of 22 Studies for Guitar by Mario Gangi was a commercial and critical success, greeted by flattering comments by reviewers, performers and composers.

Massimo has enjoyed numerous guest appearances on radio and television broadcasts such as SBC, BBC, Granada Television, Polsk TV, RAI, RAI International, RAI Sat, Radio Vaticana, Radiotelevisora de México, and Miami WBPT PBS.  Awards bestowed include the International Prize "Pegaso d'Oro 2003" and the prestigious "Rome 2004" for qualified professional activity in the arts.

Massino was the first guitar player to perform in the prestigious auditorium "Parco della Musica", where in 2004, with great success, he performed the famous Concierto de Aranjuez by Rodrigo, to a "sold out" crowd. As a chamber musician he has performed with Quartetto Bernini (Rome), the orchestra of Santa Cecilia, and Conservatoro "I Solisti Aquilani."

Massimo is passionately dedicated to teaching. He teaches at the Conservatory "Santa Cecilia" in Rome and regularly holds a three-year course at the Roman Academy of the guitar. He presents master classes all over the world including: Tirso Festival-Portugal, Valencia Guitar Festival-Spain, Singapore Guitar Festival Cyprus Guitar Festival, Klagenfurt, Festival-Vienna, Radford University Guitar Festival, GFA, Arizona State University Festival, California Guitar Festival, Miami Guitar Festival, and the Sacramento Guitar Society.

Massimo Delle Cese is the founder and artistic director of the Roman Academy of the guitar, the ARC Rome Guitar Festival, and the Festival "Guitars at the Conservatory."

Massimo Delle Cese uses Savarez Cantiga strings on guitars by luthiers Leonardo De Gregorio and Antonius Müller.

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