Thanos Mitsalas

Thanos Mitsalas performs Toccata by Sergio Assad

Thanos Mitsalas - Contemplation (ClearNote - 74619)

Thanos Mitsalas plays D'Angelo - Due Canzoni Lidie 

(live concert recording)

Thanos Mitsalas - Un tiempo fue Italica famosa (J. Rodrigo)

Mikis " Concerto Fantasia
Sergio Assad

Fantasia Carioca

Sergio Assad (live concert recording)

Tribute - 2017
Released on the Clear Note label. This CD includes musical gems by Sergio Assad ("Sandy's Portrait" recording premiere), S. Iannarelli, M. Llobet,

A. Piazzolla, J. Rodrigo, A. Tansman and A. York.